About PEP Project

What is PEP?
PEP, which stands for ‘Promotion of European Passive Houses’ is a consortium of European partners, supported by the European Commission, Dictorate General for Energy and Transport.

Why Promotion of European Passive Houses?
It is generally recognized that, within the housing sector in Europe, many building activities can be expected over the coming decades. The old building stock will need to be refurbished or, in many cases, even demolished and new buildings erected. The existing housing stock is responsible for a large share of our total energy consumption, and therefore many energy savings can be accomplished in these upcoming reconstruction activities. As previous demonstration projects (such as CEPHEUS) have demonstrated, the reduction of non-renewable energy demand by a factor 4 (compared to contemporary national standards) is not only possible but also realistic. The Passive House concept is a sound and relatively low-cost method to achieve these energy savings. To spread this knowledge throughout the professional building community, beyond the select group of specialists, PEP has set out to spread the experience gained throughout Europe on the Passive House concept.

What does PEP do?
Goal of PEP is to promote regional economic activities, especially for SMEs (which perform a significant part of the work in the housing industry) in order to induce a substitution of expenses for energy use during the lifetime of houses with investment in the building envelope.

To achieve this goal, the consortium intends to:

How can I find out more?
For more information, please contact your national contact by clicking here.