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Architects’ Checklist

Passive Houses
Passive Houses have been built especially in Germany and Austria, where also first whole Passive House housing areas are being planned and developed. The examples here show variations of style and construction tradition from various countries. However, each of the examples fulfils the performance requirements set for a Passive House.

Architect’s checklist

  1. Site selection: Appropriate use of passive solar energy in winter.

  2. Natural shading for reduced summer time cooling demand

  3. Orientation of the building

  4. Efficient use of roof for active solar systems by adequate roof pitch

  5. Window design for passive solar energy

  6. Routing needs and technical room in dwelling unit design

  7. Placing of kitchen appliances, heating equipment, water heaters etc. for utilization of internal heat loads

  8. Wall, roof, and floor thicknesses with regard to architectural concept

  9. Installations inside air barrier for air tightness

  10. Space allocation for routing of ventilation duct work

  11. Compactness of the house for reduced heat losses

  12. Terminal inlets and directness of ventilations duct work in spatial planning

  13. Check the conformity of conceptual design variations with Passive House requirements using PHPP tool

  14. Verify the conformity of the final design with the Passive House requirements using PHPP tool

  15. Choose certified Passive House products