Energy Calculation and Certification, PHPP tool and EPBD: Ireland

PHPP 2007: Passive House Planning Package
Passive house design tool for calculating energy balances

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is a design tool for calculating the energy balance of passive house buildings. The tool is intended to be used by architects and building designers. The PHPP includes tools for: calculating the U-values of components with high thermal insulation; calculating energy balances; designing comfort ventilation; calculating the heat load; summer comfort calculations, and many other useful tools for reliable design of passive houses. The PHPP tool is based on a series of elaborate and interlinked Excel data spreadsheets which collectively allow building designs to be verified against the passive house standard.

Note: The PHPP tool is not suitable for providing EPBD compliance, i.e. country specific method of calculating and rating the energy performance in buildings will have to be additionally performed for EPBD compliance.

PHPP Climate Data
The PHPP tool contains climate data for various European locations:
PHPP Climate Data Locations
The PHPP tool can be ordered from:
Passivhaus Institut

Order PHPP English version
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Renewable Energy Information Office
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Order PHPP in other languages
The PHPP is also available in other languages, partly containing national extensions. Please refer to the following pages for details:
Flemish (Version 2003, Excel workbook in Flemish with German manual):
Passiefhuis-Platform vzw
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Italian (Version: 1.1it Excel workbook in italian):
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Polish (Version 2004):
PIBP Polski Instytut Budownictwa Pasywnego
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French/Français (Version 2004; PHPP2007 in October):
Association "La Maison Passive France"
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